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Intercultural Music Festival

Voices of Nations, a registered Canadian Charity Presents, Intercultural Music  Festival which  features some of Toronto’s leading Gospel Artists, bands and choirs, lending their talent to promote unity across the nations.   It is an opportunity for everyone, of any culture and belief, to come and enjoy a day of fun and entertainment in the heart […]

Microlending for Women in Ontario Program

The program supports low-income women who are seeking to start their own business by providing financial literacy training, entrepreneurial mentoring and skills development and life skills support. These skills will ensure women’s success in starting and growing their businesses.  Women who become business ready within these programs will be eligible to receive small loans (microloans) […]

Hire an apprentice

Benefits of apprenticeship Taking on an apprentice has many benefits, such as: Your business, your trainingWhen you train an apprentice to provincial and national (Red Seal) industry standards, you also train them to understand your unique workplace. Prepare for the futureThe average age of an Ontario journeyperson is 47 years old. Taking on an apprentice trains the […]

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