About GrantX


To be a premier partner who always adheres to the client’s needs and always delivers excellence in service with utmost integrity and teamwork.


  • We listen to and respect our client stakeholders’ views and opinions and give them due consideration while making our recommendations and helping them make informed decisions;
  • We bring our hard work and sincere commitment to serve our clients;
  • Honesty, transparency and accountability define us in our interactions with our clients;
  • We believe in inclusion and diversity and to give due respect to the rights of individuals in the workplace;
  • We are committed to good governance within our company and promote it to the clients we work with;
  • We support economic, social, cultural, spiritual, educational, health care and international development areas as per the organization’s mandate of our clients.


  • To take your company and organization to a next level, you must consider funding options through grants, loans, and tax credits.
  • For small to medium not-for-profits, hiring a full or part-time grant writer and fund-raiser to be part of their staff can be cumbersome.
  • We go the extra mile to bring team-based approach towards obtaining the resources.
  • Our strategies, interactions, and communication are always aligned with keeping the best interest of your mandate with potential donors, funders and your staff.


Quality Services

Planning & Strategy


Clients Satisfaction

Qualified Staff


  • Our principals have experience of more than 20 years in developing proposals and assisting in resource development.
  • We work with you to understand your vision, mission and your strategy as well as tactical objectives, that enable you in developing your resource capacity.
  • We have the right expertise to assist companies and charities to increase their awareness of various federal, provincial and municipal funding programs.
  • We go the extra mile to bring a team-based approach.
  • Our strategies, interactions, and communication are always aligned with keeping the best interest of your mandate.
  • We provide cost-effective tailor-made services at comparatively lower cost and with higher results.
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