Iryna Koshulap


Iryna Koshulap, PhD.

A dedicated Learning & Development specialist, Iryna is enthusiastic about enhancement of leadership and people management skills within organizations. Building on her experience at the Talent Development and Performance Section of UNHCR, her knowledge of the adult learning principles, and her research and communication skills, she aims to help organizations to understand their workforce better and to align the development needs with available resources.

Iryna has a doctoral degree in Comparative Gender Studies with specialization in Sociology and Social Anthropology and a master’s degree in Education. Her initial research interests in migrant women and their community networks brought her in touch with the vibrant world of women’s NGOs, some of which have benefited from her grant writing skills. By now, Iryna has worked in private and public sectors, where her ability to develop clear actionable plans based on a thorough needs analysis helped to support the launch of new initiatives to solve the old problems.

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