Marc van Beusekom

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Marc van Beusekom

BA (Hon)

Over a career in the non-profit sector, Marc van Beusekom has written successful grant applications for a variety of social enterprises, bringing a depth of first-hand experience to each application.

A seasoned social entrepreneur himself, Marc co-founded an employment social enterprise, St. John’s Bakery, that provides opportunities for people with multiple barriers to employment, and helped grow the enterprise into one of Toronto’s finest artisanal bakeries. He has worked on the startup and development of several renewable energy co-operatives using the community bond model, as well as other social enterprises involving food, housing and car sharing. His roles have involved grant writing, product development, business planning and development, brand development and marketing, operations management, project management as well as administration and bookkeeping. This hands-on experience has given him keen insight into the details and challenges involved in starting up, running or expanding a social enterprise and helps inform and guide the process of translating an organizations’ ambitions into a compelling story.

In addition to his work in the non-profit sector, he has a background in database consulting, writes science fiction, and edits a community newspaper. He holds a BA (Hon.) in Mass Communication from Carleton University.

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